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Application for membership.

By applying to join the Pin Mill Sailing Club, I agree to abide by the rules of the club. Click here to view the rule book.


If household membership:

Children under 21 if household membership:



No payment is required at time of application. The membership secretary will contact you once you have been accepted, requesting payment. 

Membership category  Subscription and one-off joining fee of £49 

Household = member, spouse & immediate family under
21, all residing at the same address

 £87 + joining fee of £98 = £185
 Single  £49 + joining fee of £49 = £98
 Junior (age 18-21)  £20 + joining fee of £48 = £68
Cadet (age 12-17)  £10 + joining fee of £48 = £58
Out of country (non-resident in UK)  £12 + joining fee of £48 = £60

NB:If joining after 1st August but before 30th September - subscription will be halved in first year

If joining after 1st October - full subscription payable but will include the next full calendar year

The joining fee remains fixed at the rate of a single subscription per applicant



Enter details of your proposer and seconder. To qualify, they must have been members themselves for at least a year, and preferably have known you personally for at least two years.

If you do not have a proposer and seconder, leave blank and the membership secretary will contact you to arrange an informal meeting at the Club with a Flag Officer .

Details of yacht (if any)



 Click here for the club rule book. Click here for the club Fire Safety document. Click here for the club Health & Safety document. Click here for the PMSC GDPR policy.

I have read the club rules, Fire Safety and Health & Safety documents, and agree to abide to them.


Please e.mail all enquiries to: membership_secretary@pmsc.org.uk

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