Cruising Group

Given the unpredictability of the weather (not to mention the composition of your crew!) it's often easier to leave the decision about where to go on a particular sailing weekend to the last minute. The downside is that you may always end up at the same limited range of destinations and you are almost certainly missing an opportunity to socialise with other club members and benefit from others' knowledge of anchorages, pubs and other facilities.

What we would like to do therefore is set up a network of all skippers/boats who sail locally and a simple mechanism for people to let others know where they are heading on a particular weekend. The purpose could be to get together for a barbecue, or a trip ashore, to gain familiarity with the destination or just for some company en route, in case the 'donkey' fails again!

Do please therefore join in – there's no commitment – at the worst you will receive some emails saying where other club members are sailing to – and at best you will have some more enjoyable times on the water in the coming season.

When the time comes, you can send a short email before the event to to say simply that "... is going to the Deben on Saturday June probably mooring overnight at the Rocks or Waldringfield ...". That message would go to all the people on the network and anyone interested could then liaise accordingly.


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