Petition - Lobster Pots and Small craft Safety

The Cruising Association has asked fellow yachtsmen to support a petition 'Lobster Pots and Small craft Safety - time to change the rules'.

The way static fishing gear is marked at sea needs to be improved as the current voluntary guidance is inadequate. Leisure craft are disabled when they get caught up with poorly marked fishing gear. Not only an inconvenience to the yacht, but also means a call out to the RNLI and Coastguard, as the disabled yacht is a potential hazard to shipping.

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Cruising and racing events 2017

The 2017 sailing season has a varied selection of racing and cruising opportunities for our members and guests. We would like to encourage as many members as possible to take part in these racing and cruising events. Check out below what’s lined up and let us have your feedback.

The combined clubs races are open to cruising yachts from any of the participating clubs and entry is free. We would love to see a turnout of at least three PMSC boats in each race. This is a great opportunity to hone sailing skills while competing against others and, as an added incentive, the best performing PMSC boat in each race wins a PMSC trophy!

There is a selection of cruising events, which we have tried to make as varied as possible to include day sailing as well as overnight cruises to more distant locations. Take a look, let us know if any of these appeal to you and if not, let us know of any other ideas you may have. We would love to hear from you.

And of course we also have the ever-popular Smack & Working Boat race, the Barge Match and the Pin Mill SC Regatta, dates confirmed as follows:

Barge Match -1st July
PMSC Regatta – 9th September
Smack & Working Boat Race - 16th September

There is also a time trial that can be undertaken by anyone at any time between 1st April and the 1st October. Click here for details..

Steve Miller,


Sailing Risk Assessment - A risk assessment has been raised to cover the club's organised sailing activities click here to view. Sailing activities will be planned to be compatible with this document. Club members are requested to read through it (it is not too long!) Suggestions for improvements can be sent to the Sailing Secretary.

If you wish to participate in a PMSC crusing or racing event, please complete the form so that it is received by the Sailing Secretary NO LATER THAN THE THURSDAY BEFORE THE EVENT. If there are not 2 or more entries, the event will be cancelled. Feel free to call the Sailing Sec, Steve Miller on Ips. 780000 to ensure your entry has been received.

PMSC cruising and race entry form. Click here for the general PMSC sailing event entry form. NB: Not to be used for Regatta, RNLI or CCRS races.


EAORA Shipwash Race and Time Trial

EAORA Shipwash Race and Time Trials

I felt a bit of explanation for two of the items in the summer sailing programme might be of help to some of the newer members, as well as some of old lags who have forgotten all about the Shipwash Race and the art of the time-trials.


Deben bar

Be advised that there is hardly any water, inches only, over the shallowest section at LW springs. Skippers are advised to take extra care to stay on track as the entrance channel is very narrow.

For further advice contact Deben Harbourmaster, John White, either on VHF Channel 08 callsign 'Odd Times', or by phone on 07803 476621.

The Deben chartlet is available to download Click Here

9th September 2017 - PMSC Regatta

The 74th PMSC regatta was held on Saturday 9th September, with the first race starting at 11:00

Click here for the results


Sailing events

Tue May 01, 2018
Time trials start

Tide times - Harwich