Pin Mill Sailing Club leases the area of the foreshore in front of the clubhouse from the outfall of the sewage works to approximately where the cottages start, and the Pin Mill Bay Management Company administers the rest. In these areas, PMSC and the PMBMC are responsible for administering half-tide moorings.

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Moorings at Pin Mill fall into two main categories: Private and Commercial.

Private Moorings

The Moorings Committee administer deep water moorings on the Pin Mill part of the Orwell and application for a mooring is welcome from anyone. The moorings committee administers moorings on behalf of Associated British Ports and are able to grant allocations within this remit. When you are allocated a mooring, you have the right to lay mooring tackle in a specific location, and so long as you do not leave a mooring empty for more than 2 years, it remains your's. You are of course responsible for laying and maintaining your mooring, but this can be contracted out to one of the local operators.

An annual license fee is payable to Associated British Ports.

At the moment there is a waiting list for deep water moorings.

To obtain further details or to get onto the waiting list, please contact the Moorings Secretary (see Committee page for details). 


Commercial Moorings

Deep water Moorings are also available through local commercial operators, who provide professionally laid and maintained moorings. These operators charge a fee for this service, and there is also the Associated British Ports license fee to pay. In general there is a good chance that one of these operators will be able to accommodate you for the season.


These operators are Tony Ward Moorings and the two local Boatyards - Harry King & Sons and F. A. Webb. They can be contacted as below:-


Tony Ward Moorings This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 07714 260568
(For general Pin Mill mooring info, availability and visitor pre-booking )


Harry King & Sons 
Tel: 01473 780258
(Yacht and boat builder + boat yard, Pin Mill)


F. A. Webb
Tel: 01473 780291
(Boat yard etc, Pin Mill)


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