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Nautical photograph competition
Saturday 13 October 2018

A little background to the Nautical Photograph Competition.

New members may be interested in knowing a little more about this annual competition, and older members may appreciate a reminder.....

Some years ago I was told by an even older member, now alas no longer with us, that the competition was started as a way of acquiring pictures of members' boats. In subsequent years this need has been filled, at least in part, by the inauguration in 2000 of the PMSC Boat Register, for which members are asked to supply a photograph of their boat(s), with details and any other interesting information. The 3 vols of this Register are kept on top of the cupboard opposite the bar. In the Club Archives there is also a album of photos of craft which belonged to members 60+ years ago, including some stunning pictures of yachts which took part in the 1950 Shipwash-Galloper Race. This album is normally displayed during the Nautical Photograph exhibition, and sometimes on other Club occasions, e.g. New members evening.

So, in recent times the meaning of the word 'Nautical' has been stretched in order to provide a little more scope for photographs beyond the strictly maritime, with the proviso that they should at least contain, if not boats or marine environments, at least evidence of water, salt or fresh. This has helped to provide a greater variety of subjects for competitors, and some wonderful exhibitions. Although the definition of 'nautical' has become elastic, and sometimes we see images of people in the photos, either by chance or deliberately included as part of the composition, there is a strict rule that portraits, beautiful landscapes and pictures which could be described as 'holiday snaps' are not eligible for the competition. However, there is still a place in our PMSC 'Family Album' for photos of Club members and their families on their boats or participating in Club events; in fact we are always seeking such records, so please get in touch if you have any likely prints to offer for the album. If you happen to have any pictures of past members and/or events, these would be even more welcome.

In 2006 an engraved glass trophy was commissioned in memory of Jake Cleyndert (Comm.1995-96), a keen photographer himself, who did much to encourage the Nautical Photograph Competition, and this is now presented annually to the winner.

Marjorie Carter

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